Install high-performance translation booths with Stienon


The essential tool for your conferences

At meetings where multiple speakers are present, it is vital that everyone can understand what is being said. Have you considered installing translation booths for your international events and conferences? Having the right interpreting equipment allows participants to easily access information in their own language.

In addition, simultaneous translation booths allow interpreters to provide quality work in a noisy environment and offer unparalleled listening comfort for participants. We supply and install your simultaneous translation booths to make your meetings and corporate events accessible to all.

State of the art equipment

Stienon is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with modern translation and interpreting solutions in accordance with the highest quality standards of the European Commission. By using the latest technology, we make it easy to organise your conferences and meetings. We work with equipment that is renowned for its excellent performance, such as the market-leading Bosch brand.

Stienon's booths are equipped with Bosch NG consoles, a contemporary interpreter's desk that meets the latest European standards, reduces interference from mobile phones and is suitable for the visually impaired. For simultaneous interpretation, we also use the excellent Integrus DCN Digital Congres Network. This infrared audio broadcasting system distributes the interpreting securely, without interference from ambient lighting and with optimum sound quality.


Would you like to benefit from a comprehensive service? Combine the rental of your simultaneous interpreting booth with the translation service of our professional interpreters and experience smooth and fast communication.

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