Digitalise your events with Stienon and be memorable

Capture your audience with professional webinars

Do you need a stable and reliable video conferencing system? Do you want to create a strong synergy between your conference room and your teleworking colleagues? Are you thinking about the best way to spread a message to all your customers or to unite your employees? Stienon is proud to be able to provide you with a studio that allows you to keep your company culture alive through online webinars.

Our fully equipped audiovisual studio is available with or without interpreting booths. In double booths, we can interpret in up to 20 languages. You will also find a 16-9 LED screen. We guarantee a stable and reliable internet connection. Your video conferences will run smoothly and without technical problems.

Stand out from the crowd and build your reputation

With a monotonous webinar that drags on and on, the whole quality of your presentation is called into question. Stienon's studio is equipped with Green Key or green screen technology, which allows us to add special effects and dynamism to any presentation. We offer you the possibility to create a visual environment that is completely customised and reflects the brand identity of your company or institution.

By using Stienon's studio, you can finally take full advantage of technology to create interactive and engaging online experiences. Take your video conferences and webinars to the next level and keep your audience's attention.

Communicate on the web in an efficient, creative and professional way. Book our studio!