LED displays: digitalise your communication with Stienon

Modern and innovative display solutions

Stienon offers professional display solutions for companies and institutions. Our high-resolution screens display high-contrast, sharp images. Thanks to their high brightness, they remain perfectly visible even in daylight.

Indoor LED displays: versatile and customisable

Deploy large interactive LED walls within your company and deliver your messages easily and creatively to your customers, visitors or employees. Our software-driven solutions, managed via the cloud, ensure that your content is always delivered in accordance with your company's security and management standards. The digital signage system we install is easy to use and only requires commercially available hardware that is familiar to any IT professional.

We easily create the LED wall you need and in the size you want. Using intelligent and innovative mounting combinations, our team arranges the screens to create a strong visual impact. The LED screens adapt perfectly to the architectural features of your building and become design elements in their own right.


Say goodbye to drab meeting rooms and soulless lobbies. View any content on your LED walls, including live data, video, dashboards, RTSP streams, or camera feeds. Easily broadcast your multimedia content live and remotely. 

Outdoor LED screens: an essential communication tool

To be visible to the greatest number of people, in broad daylight, in a city that never stops and to make a mark despite everything? That's the dream. Outdoor LED displays give you a head start on this challenge. These dynamic, high-definition, waterproof billboards are a first-rate means of communication that offers many more possibilities than static displays:

  • real-time information sharing (delays, weather, safety instructions, etc.);

  • dynamic and original content;

  • bright, attractive colours that do not change over time;

  • high image quality;

  • resistance to weathering.

Not surprisingly, outdoor LED screens are popular at major events such as festivals, football matches or seminars. Stienon can help you install your LED screens in compliance with the latest safety standards and regulations.

Digitalise your communications with LED screens. Submit your project to us, and we will be happy to discuss it!