Stienon: clear and fluent multilingual communication

Multilingual communication for everyone

Your message is too important, so don't run the risk of making it incomprehensible through poor translation. Keep your audience captivated by offering them the opportunity to follow the debates and discussions in their native language. Stienon is a recognised supplier to the Belgian court and can put you in touch with experienced interpreters. They will faithfully render your words so that your message remains clear and impactful, whatever the language of destination. Our interpreters are all specialists in simultaneous interpreting in European languages and provide high-quality work.

Stienon can count on an extensive network of professional interpreters known for their reliability and competence. Spanish, English, French, Dutch, Croatian, German, Portuguese or Danish: almost 24 language combinations are available. The success of your meeting depends in part on the quality of your interpreter, so leave the translation to the experts.

Our interpreters can assist you with

  • conferences ;

  • negotiations ;

  • meetings ;

  • congress ;

  • university colloquia.

Choose the type of interpretation you need

Are you looking for a discreet interpreter for your next negotiation, or are you organising a conference with an international star? Depending on your event, the number of participants and the venue, your interpreting needs will change. The interpreters recommended by Stienon offer you various services to assist you:

  • Consecutive interpreting: your interpreter translates the speaker's words directly after the speaker has finished speaking.

  • Simultaneous interpretation: your interpreter is in a translation booth, and the listeners receive the message through headphones. Simultaneous interpretation is widely used at conferences and in the European Parliament.

  • Liaison interpreting: your interpreter translates very short sequences at regular intervals. Liaison interpreting is perfect for small meetings or negotiations.

Contact us to find the right interpreter for your needs.