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Installing quality equipment

Stienon equips all your professional spaces with quality equipment and simplifies your working day. Install high-performance audiovisual systems in your meeting rooms and discover a new way to connect with your employees and clients.

We offer you complete technological solutions that allow you to work face-to-face and remotely in the greatest comfort.

Understanding and being understood

Are you an international organisation, or do you use several working languages in your institution? We equip your conference rooms from A to Z with the latest simultaneous interpretation equipment. Translation booths, interpreter desks and high-end headphones facilitate all your exchanges in a multilingual context.

To hear and be heard

Consider installing a quality sound system in your meeting rooms and conference areas. Microphones and speakers allow everyone to hear and be heard clearly. Because there is nothing more unpleasant than having to keep your ears open to follow a discussion, Stienon takes care of your entire sound system.

Seeing and being seen

With more and more organisations using telecommuting, screens are becoming an important part of the meeting room. We offer high-resolution screens that allow you to interact with your audience as if they were facing you.

Screens also allow you to share visual and dynamic content and make your presentations more interactive. Photos, videos, infographics or PowerPoint presentations liven up your meetings!


A good quality camera is also essential. A camera with a wide field of view allows you to include all the participants in the room in the frame. No more jerky and cut-off images; keep your meetings exciting.


Stienon sells turnkey meeting rooms that meet today's business needs.


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