Enter the digital signage era with Stienon

Be remarkable!

Attract the attention of your audience and customers with digital posters and create dynamic and original advertisements. LED posters or X-Posters are digital signage equipment used both indoors and outdoors. Placed in a window or on a wall, they allow you to broadcast your message as close as possible to your audience and your customers through high-quality images and videos.

LED posters are excellent solutions for conveying information to your visitors, indicating safety rules or installing digital signage. They are used by :

  • shops ;
  • hotels ;
  • restaurants ;
  • the fashion industry ;
  • shopping centres ;
  • transport companies ;
  • the entertainment industry ;
  • health centres ;
  • banks ;
  • universities.

LED Posters: a multitude of advantages

Stand-alone digital systems such as LED posters have many advantages over traditional posters. Hanging, or on a stand, individually or combined to create a larger display, digital posters :

  • are easily installed in high-traffic areas;

  • provide dynamic, eye-catching content;

  • are easily moved to strategic locations;

  • are infinitely customisable;

  • create a designer video package if placed side by side;

  • have a low maintenance cost ;

  • allow you to quickly update your content.

Stienon supplies and installs your LED posters in the location of your choice. To increase the visibility of your communications, contact us!